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Founded in 1999, Home Marketsite (HMSRE) grew out of a need for quality, consistent representation in real estate buying and selling. To give the customer the level of service they expect at a price they can afford, the idea was launched on the principal of simplifying the current system.

Launched on November 12, 2000, Home Marketsite has quickly become popular with customers. By working through common complaints of the traditional real estate system, Home Marketsite has created a program that allows everyone to take More home!™

Home Marketsite

Home Marketsite is a licensed Pennsylvania Real Estate Company that allows sellers to list and sell their property for a lower commission charged by traditional real estate brokers. We are a complete solution for home sellers in Pennsylvania to list and sell their homes at 50% off traditional listing fees. All new listings are made available on the Internet, Realtor.com™ and the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). By reducing the seller’s total costs, the seller keeps more equity which can be pocketed or passed on to the buyer. This empowers the seller, gives them greater control and helps reduce the time to sell. Buyers also save using the New Home Buyer Program that gives a portion of each Home Marketsite agent’s commission back to the home buyer.

To find your next home for sale in PA or to sell your home in PA, contact HMSRE and learn all About Home Marketsite Realty and what we can offer you.

Team Home Marketsite