Seller Closing Costs

Seller Closing Costs (how to factor for the Seller)

Seller Closing Costs

Every home we list and sell, we always review upfront with our clients how selling costs will factor into their home sale. Why is this important? Because a seller should have a reasonable expectation what they will spend to sell their home during the listing process. Yes, this may be difficult for many other agents to address with a client because it calls into question the holy grail for an agent: the commission.

While our company has been serving the Delaware Valley as a fully licensed real estate brokerage since 2004, we have also always been upfront about pricing. The simple reason: it’s the right thing to do for our clients.


The average real estate agent walks into a listing appointment with a Seller demonstrating how they are worth the standard 6% fee. We won’t argue that there is not service being offered, but the extent is always a mystery to a seller. Some show testimonials, their individual results and even handouts of their “proven system” all in the effort to justify their take. We too have a system, have testimonials and can show great results for our clients. Yet we also discount off the standard fee so we can pass that along or let our clients “take more home” – yes, that’s been our operating motto since 2004.

That means we charge less for our listing services on residential properties. There are some cases where we charge a full 3% depending on the type of additional services offered or type of listing (ask your agent for details). We also share how we plan to market the home and bring it to close. And our clients really appreciate our explanation and approach. It’s refreshing to them and that’s always great to hear.

Once the proverbial elephant in the room is acknowledged, we move on to the “other” selling costs associated with putting their home on the MLS, marketing it, setting up showings, coordinating and negotiating contracts and seller services for title work, etc to bring it to close. Yet there are also a few other fees that are important to the Seller.


This is set by law and can vary in local jurisdictions (state and municipalities). The rule of thumb is the standard 1 Percent (while in cities like Philadelphia, it’s actually 2%). Of course, transfer tax is customarily split. In Pennsylvania, there currently is no range set for differing transfer tax (like there is in Washington, D.C.).


The final set of fees come from stamps, notary fees, overnight postage (to payoff any loan you had on the property), wire fees, and various searches. All of these incidentals vary by title company or closing office but are usually less than 5% off the entire set of closing costs.

Disclaimer: The deed “transfer tax” is typically split between buyer and seller. Generally, the buyer pays 1% of the sales price at closing and the seller pays 1% (for a total of 2%). There are always exceptions.


To finalize the selling costs, the average home Seller can expect to pay 6-7% of the final sale price as their closing costs. This amount will be subtracted from the sale price and paid to each party at settlement. The remaining amount or difference between the net amount and the mortgage is your net proceeds.

Seller Closing Costs Example:

$350,000 Sale Price
– $17,500 Commission (5%)
– $3,500 Transfer Tax (1% of sale price)
– $350 Recording & Processing Fees (final incidentals)

= $328,650
– MORTGAGE (Paid off at closing)
= Seller Net Proceeds

Note: The average Home Marketsite listing features a commission of 2.5% to Home Marketsite (Seller Broker) and 2.5% to the Buyer Broker (other Broker).

To finalize your potential Seller closing costs, check with your local Home Marketsite agent for details.

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