Real Estate Sales Commissions

Why Real Agents are worth their Commission

Why Real Agents are worth their Commission

What's your real estate agent worth?

Well, all joking aside, maximizing value for Buyers, Sellers and Agents is serious business.

Even in this age of the Internet, real estate agents are still a “very integral” part of buying and selling homes, Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff on CNBC’s Squawk Box.

  1. Not going away anytime soon. The remain an integral part of the transaction.
  2. Even though the total commission is traditionally up to 6%, they provide great value in the transaction – similar to an investment banker.
  3. The successful agent has change from being an information gateway to a great negotiator and transaction expert.

You may be asking: Why Real Agents are worth their Commission?

Even in the era of online data overload, agents will continue to evolve to provide greater value throughout the process. The total 6% commission is negotiable but should be discussed directly with a licensed real estate agent. Is the REALTOR worth their collective 6% Commission? Many are and some aren’t. Come find out how Home Marketsite is worth their muster! Our real estate agents are worth their commission – come see why.

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